6 No-Frizz Summer Hair Tips

Introduction – 6 No-Frizz Summer Hair Tips

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair

Summer is the time of the year when every type (thin/fine, normal, thick, very thick) and texture (straight, curly, wavy, kinky) of hair is most likely to be challenged by frizz.

Luckily with the advances in the world of hair, there’s no reason tresses can’t look their very best in the hot humid months of the year.

With a solid no-frizz Summer hair program, everyone can enjoy no-frizz tresses.  If your hair is basically healthy and well-maintained, you can harness humidity.

List Of 6 No-Frizz Summer Hair Tips

Platinum Blonde Glam Hair

Platinum Blonde Glam Hair

Listed below are 6 no-frizz hair tips for spectacular Summer hair.

1. Start With A Great No-Frizz Game Plan

No one knows your strands better than you do.  Create your own no-frizz notebook with a list of anti-frizz products and/or techniques which have worked for your tresses in the past.

Analyze past Summer frizz challenges and create a program or plan to prevent a re-occurance in the future.

2.  Assemble Your No-Frizz War Chest

Get your no-frizz war chest ready with the appropriate products and tools.

When it comes to frizz, failure to plan in advance could result in a return of your most challenging frizz experiences.

Many hair experts suggest you kick off your Summer hair season with a visit to your favorite professional hairstylist.

Blonde Shag

Blonde Shag

Have damaged ends trimmed off and opt for a no-frizz friendly haircut or style.

Work with your hairstylist to consider your natural texture and hair type (straight, naturally textured, mixed) when selecting the very best cut or style for Summer months.

3. Rehydrate Tresses By Cleansing Less

Extended exposure to the sun or searing heat can cause the body and scalp to sweat.  When this happens, any sweat that makes contact with the hairline can make the rest of the hair feel sticky or dirty.

Experts warn that sticky hair created by sweating is not necessary dirty hair.  Although people who are sweating feel the need to jump into a cool shower, the desire to cleanse the hair more often should be avoided.

While it’s true that sun, surf, sand and heat can cause overall dehydration, it’s important not to overwash tresses which may become robbed of important moisture.

If you must jump in a cool shower, cover your tresses and avoid applying drying shampoos or cleansers.  When possible, only cleanse hair with shampoo every 7-10 days.

Whenever possible, mop up sweaty or sticky strands with a DIY cornstarch dry shampoo or a commercial version.

Hair In The Sun

Hair In The Sun

4. Condition, Condition, Condition

Understand the specific needs of your hair.  Apply the appropriate conditioners to keep your hair hydrated at all times during the Summer months.

Depending upon whether or not your hair is chemically treated or not, you may want to opt for a regular program of pre-shampoo, rinse-out, leave-in and deep conditioning treatments.

If tresses are prone to excessive dryness consider utilizing a program of pre-shampoo oiling.  To protect against dehydrating Summer heat, add extra hydration treatments in the form of leave-in or deep conditioners.

When your tresses are exposed to the Sun or heat, apply a light leave-in conditioning spray every hour or so.  You may even wish to consider apply a deep conditioning treatment to damp strands before pulling your hair back into a knot or bun.

5. Opt For Anti-Frizz Styling Products



As Spring transitions into Summer, you’ll want to load up on hydrating anti-frizz styling products.

Select leave-in conditioners, styling creams and mousses which contain no-frizz ingredients.  Utilize hydrating creams rather than  gels which might harder or dry out strands and result in frizz.

When your hair is naturally dry, or as a result of chemical treatments, experiment with a range of hydrating products until you find the best ones for your strands.

Experts recommend you avoid products with a heavy oil or silicone base in high humidity.  Frizz will occur when the water from humidity mixes with oil or silicones.

6. No Sun Is The Best Sun Of All

paulmitchellawaphuhi-91_600h.jpgOne of the best ways to avoid frizzy tresses is to keep hair out of the direct rays of the sun.  Opt for an array of sassy hats or scarves to protect strands.

If it’s not possible to opt for a hair, pull hair up and off your neck.  Experiment with neatly coiled buns, ponytails or braids which allow air to circulate through the scalp, but prevent hair from frizzing.

It’s also important to keep your fingers and hands out of your strands.  This is especially true if you have naturally textured hair which will frizz when tugged or pulled.

Summary – No-Frizz Summer Hair Tips

Although many people battle frizzy strands during the Summer months, it’s possible to enjoy a Summer of no-frizz with proper planning, utilization of frizz-fighting products and by adopting a super hydrating conditioning schedule.

If you arm yourself with no-frizz summer hair tips, you can keep your hair looking fabulous throughout the hottest times of the year.

For more no-frizz summer hair tips visit HairBoutique.com.


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