18 Carrie Underwood Buttery Blonde Hair Facts

Introduction – 18 Carrie Underwood Buttery Blonde Hair Facts

Carrie Underwood is a mesmerizing performer.  The American Idol success story has said “I love performing live.  The lights and the smoke and the crowd are so uplifting.”

18 Carrie Underwood Buttery Blonde Hair Facts

Many hair consumers would love to copy Carrie’s gorgeous hairstyle.

Listed below are 18 Carrie Underwood Buttery Blonde Hair Facts you may not know:

1.  Carrie Underwood is a blonde bombshell.  She has been quoted in the media as saying “my natural color is somewhere between blonde and a light brown.
2.  Although Carrie’s hair “leans on the blonde side” the “bottom always seems to be much darker than the top.”
3.  The superstar has confessed the reason her hair is darker on the bottom is probably due to the fact “I like to be out in the sunshine and the upper layers bleach out naturally.”
4.  Carrie has been on the covers of hundreds of magazines including Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide and 101 Celebrity Hairstyles.  Afterall, Carrie is a buttery blonde hair icon.

Carrie Underwood Long Buttery Blonde Hair

Carrie Underwood Long Buttery Blonde Hair

5.  During her time on American Idol Carrie wore her naturally textured hair with a mass of curls and ringlets.
6.  Carrie has noted her naturally textured tresses are “different in different places.”
7.  The songbird admits “I’ve always had super-curly hair around my face and the rest of my hair is pretty much all over the place.”
8.  Whether her hair is buttery gold blonde or lightened to platinum, Carrie prefers to wear her hair shoulder length or longer with a side-swept fringe.
9.  Even though her hair is naturally textured, she tends to wear her hair straight or with light waves and curls throughout the perimeter.
10.  Carrie says “I’m lucky because my hair holds curls all day long.  Just a little light work with a curling iron and it looks the same when I go to bed as when I fixed it.”

Carrie Underwood Performing On Stage

Carrie Underwood Performing On Stage

11.  Although she loves to “sit back and let someone else do all the work”  Carrie enjoys doing her own hair and make-up when she’s on the road.
12.  When it comes to updos or Red Carpet ready hair twists, Carrie depends upon Melissa Schleicher.  The songbird explains that Melissa, who is her “main hair magician” can do “up-dos so much better than I can.”
13.  Although the perimeter of Carrie’s long lush buttery blonde hair is often embellished with soft waves and curls, she loves to have lots of volume throughout the roots and top of her hairstyles.
14.  Carrie depends upon volume enhancing shampoo, rinse-out conditioner and root volumizers to get the lush body and movement which gives her picture perfect hairstyles on stage and on the Red Carpets.
15.  While Carrie utilizes a curling iron at times, to achieve the perfect waves and loose curls the songbird showcases, hot rollers are the best hot tool to utilize.

Carrie Underwood Blonde Bombshell

Carrie Underwood Blonde Bombshell

16.  The award winning performer has been clear about her love of being comfortable.  She loves to wear jeans, even on stage, and wants her long lush blonde hairstyles to work with her comfortable, but chic fashions.
17.  To achieve lots of lush volume Carrie’s hair is dried with her bent over at the waist so  the blow dryer can direct warm air from the ends up to the roots.
18.  Carrie has been known to embellish her beautiful buttery blonde hair with simple but elegant hair accessories such as crystal encrusted side hair clips and/or pins.  She also rocks some amazing headbands.

Summary – 18 Carrie Underwood Buttery Blonde Hair Facts

Carrie Underwood is a superstar who always rocks perfectly style long lush blonde tresses.  The all American girl has won tons of awards for her singing and songwriting.  In fact, she’s been named Entertainer of The Year by The Academy of Country Music Awards.

She’s also won kudos for her consistently beautiful fashions and hairstyles.

For more information about Carrie Underwood’s hairstyles be sure to visit HairBoutique.com.


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